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Concrete Tile -The Pro’s & Con’s

Posted By on Jun 11, 2019

Concrete tiles are made of a mix of sand, stone, cement and water. The basic manufacturing materials of cement tiles make them undeniably strong. Although it is mostly preferred for its ability to withstand tear and wear, tile made of concrete has its pros and cons.



Concrete tiles are strong and capable of outliving humans. Durability is actually the major advantage of concrete tiles. Once you invest in these tiles, be confident that they will hold up for many years and give you value for money. Concrete tiles flooring is the most durable when compared to hardwoods. It also outlasts ceramic tiles. The durability of concrete tiles makes them ideal for high-traffic and business spaces. Nevertheless, these tiles are used to remodel or build homes too. Their durability is maximized by coating them with penetrating sealant that prevents staining while making their cleaning easier. When coated with a sealant, concrete tiles dry faster.

Easy Maintenance

When sealed, concrete tiles are easy to clean and sweep. Mild soap can be used to mop a concrete tiles’ floor. However, you should mop the surface dry more often to collect standing moisture so that it does not penetrate the concrete tiles. Concrete tiles are also used to decorate a space as fireplace accents or backsplashes. That’s because they require minimal maintenance.

Design Variety

There is a design for almost every home. Finding concrete tiles to match your home style won’t be an issue no matter what your inspiration is. There are modern, Moroccan, and Italian villa design trends to choose from. This variety makes concrete tiles ideal for both walls and floors in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, foyers, laundry rooms and bathrooms. They are also ideal for kitchen backsplash and island underside. You can also use concrete tiles to add unique artwork on your walls.


Natural materials are used to make concrete tiles. High-quality concrete tiles come with natural pigments that give them unique patterns. Generally, natural colors do not fade like non-mineral based colors. That’s why even the oldest concrete tiles maintain their extraordinarily vibrant look. What’s more, these tiles are not hardened through baking like other tiles. This makes them more energy efficient.


Structural Consideration

Concrete tiles need structural consideration because they are heavy. Therefore, before you strip out the old laminate or prep your building for new concrete tile flooring, ensure that the structure of your building can support their weight. Have your home assessed by a qualified engineer carefully.

They Change after Some Time

Concrete tiles patina after some time just like wood or leather material. In some cases, concrete tiles crack and chip because they are more brittle. Therefore, be prepared to have them change in terms of their look over the years.


Concrete tiles need extra maintenance because they stain. Essentially, you should reseal concrete tiles every 2 to 3 years. Resealing concrete tiles will slow down water absorption especially in the bathroom and kitchen. This prevents formation of permanent marks on concrete tiles.

Cold Underfoot

Washing dishes while standing on hard concrete tiles is generally uncomfortable because the material feels cold underfoot. Concrete tiles are also not ideal for places where kids will crawl and play on a floor. Concrete tiles are highly durable and customizable. This makes many people prefer them over other materials. But, to make an informed choice, consider these pros and cons of concrete tiles first.

The information & content in this article was provided by a local tile installation Winnipeg based company.

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