Decorating the Landscape around Your Trees Using Rocks & Stone Pavers

Posted By on May 10, 2019 |

Add practical and stylish touches to your landscape with rocks and stone pavers. Natural stones are versatile elements for giving your landscape a makeover. Rocks and stone pavers add contrast and texture. They also serve as a long lasting ground cover that requires little maintenance.


Using sleek stones and large stone pavers around your trees will transform your landscape into an awesome relaxing space. But, to make your outdoor space well-balanced, you need a well thought out design. Therefore, take time to think how you will embellish your yard with trees, stones, rocks, shrubs and vegetation.

What Differentiates a Rock from a Stone?

Many people use the terms rock and stone interchangeably. However, a rock is different from a stone. A rock is a piece that has freshly been broken from a large ground mass through blasting out of a quarry. A stone on the other hand is a rock that has undergone water or weather exposure near the surface of the earth for a long period.

Nevertheless, when using rocks and stone pavers to decorate your landscape, you can use both stones and rocks to accompany trees. You can also use them as stand-alone elements in your landscape to add color, texture, and interest in a refreshing way.

Choose Rocks and Stone Pavers Carefully

When decorating the landscape around your trees using rocks and stone pavers, there are different types of stone pavers and rocks that you have to choose from. This implies that you have infinite design options. It’s therefore important that you take time to choose the types of rocks and stone pavers to use in your landscape. Also go for the trendiest ways to use stones and rocks to decorate your landscape.

Remember that the stone pavers and rocks that you use in your landscape will set a tone for your outdoor space. For instance, beach pebbles and river rocks will add warmth to your landscape. A shady part of the yard can be brightened up with white marbles.

If you want to decorate a tropical landscape, use terracotta stones. These can also blend well with formal gardens. A modern landscape will look great when decorated with black lava rocks. Essentially, choose the rocks and stone pavers to use depending on the type of the landscape that you want to decorate and its location. What’s more, choose stone pavers and rocks that make you happy when relaxing in your landscape.

The Bottom Line

Decorating the landscape around your trees with rocks and stone pavers is a sure way to create a budget friendly curb appeal. That’s because rocks and stone pavers take up the space where grass that needs watering can’t grow yet they create a striking pattern and appearance.

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