Re-Painting Your Home Exterior to Match Your New Paving Stone Patio

Posted By on Feb 12, 2018 |

One of the most challenging yet rewarding decisions that you have to make as a homeowner is to select the color of your home’s exterior and the paving stone patio. Nevertheless, when you know the importance of this decision, selecting the right color for re-painting your home exterior to match that of the new paving stone patio becomes easy. Essentially, this knowledge enables you to stand a better chance of selecting a home exterior color that will match the new paving stone patio.

Basic tips

When selecting paint color, choose hues that harmonize your home with the new patio. For instance, if the paving stones have few lighter shades, make sure that the paint colors that you choose don’t bring in competition. Make sure that the paving stone patio still serves as the focal point of your home without causing confusion. For more information on selecting the optimal color visit They are very knowledgeable in color schemes and matching.

If you have a brick-colored paving stone patio, let it warm up your home by incorporating wood siding. However, this may not be an ideal option if you have a brick home. Mixing your brick home with a brick hardscape will create excessive red in the entire surrounding. However, you can pair a grey paving stone patio with a brick home.

If the new paving stone patio has natural tones, bear in mind that they can have gray, yellow, or pink hues. Irrigation water or sunlight can also accent these. Therefore, scrutinize your pavers carefully to ensure that you select the right color for re-painting your home’s exterior.

Decide on the effect to create

Do you want to create a tranquil effect or a vibrant space with more energy and colors? It’s imperative that you know the patterns that you want to create by re-painting your home’s exterior to match the new paving stone patio. You may as well want to create a more rustic or modern taste with the home exterior’s color and the paving stone patio. Therefore, consider the overall effect that you want when re-painting the exterior of your home to match the new paving stone patio.

Consider sunlight

In most cases, your new paving stone patio color will change on the basis of the sunlight amount that hits it. Therefore, check the new paving stone patio carefully during the day and at night when the landscape lights are shinning on your new paving stones. Decide on the color of the paint to use on your home’s exterior depending on the look that you want to create in your compound both at night and during the day.

Match the home’s exterior color with the new patio

For some people, matching the home exterior with the new paving stone patio is the best approach. That’s because this approach ties colors in the compound together. It’s important to note that if you opt for this approach, you don’t have to use colors that exactly match each other. Instead, select colors with similar hues. Perhaps, you can look at the pictures of homes that you admire online to determine whether this strategy is ideal for you.

When re-painting your home exterior to match your new paving stone patio, consider paint colors that you can change in the exterior of your home to achieve the desired look. Also determine whether you can tie color together by repainting rain gutters, downspouts, window shutters, and the front door.