Upgrade Your Patio – Choosing the Right Type of Paving Stones

Posted By on Sep 16, 2017 |

Concrete, brick, cobblestone, and even rubber! When it comes to paver patio, you have many choices. A paved patio adds irresistible charm and texture to an otherwise boring yard. You can mix and match paver types to create your own backyard paragon. Below is some info on each type of patio paver.


Undeniably, bricks bring a classic character and durability to your hardscape. Thinner than typical building bricks, these paving stones are manufactured to support under heavy foot traffic. You can set brick pavers in statement intricate patterns. These are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and finishes for an old or new look.


Concrete is a manufactured paver that can get you a waterproof, versatile and comparatively, durable patio. Brushed, acid washed, scored, interlocking and stamped; concrete pavers lend an impression of riches with multiple imaginative ways of finishing. Its long lifespan and low installation cost make it a popular choice among homeowners.


Incorporate an old-world street look in your backyard by installing cobblestone patio paver. Cobblestone pavers give a nostalgic impression because these were used to lay down streets in old times.

Rubber Tiles

Usually made from recycled tires, rubber tiles give a completely different feel to patios. These pavers are designed to go with any surface. Their lightweight means you can use them on decks as well. Resembling concrete tiles in appearance with brick and terra cotta finish, rubber tiles are a brand new and trending concept in the market. They are non-slip and snap together with connector clips, but need regular maintenance.


Bluestone is a natural mix of sand and other particles that lend the paver its bluish gray shade.

Flagstone, Slate, and Marble

Flagstone, slate and marble pavers are cut from a stone quarry. These are durable and stay cool as they don’t absorb heat. They are perfect for a yard that catches direct sunlight. Check your local stone supplier for a cost-effective deal. You can opt for a cut or uncut stones; the latter needs an experienced pro to accomplish a good-looking patio installation quickly.


Travertine pavers are, durable, more textured and filled with little holes.

Decomposed Granite and Pebble Pavers

Made from tiny granite pieces, these pavers offer an affordable way for a slightly crunchy texture underfoot. Since the surface may erode with time, you may need to refresh and replenish the patio or follow preventative maintenance regularly.

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